Hello everybody - welcome to my page!!

I'm pleased to welcome you here in my little online home!

I tried to translate nearly everything of my German texts though there might be still
a few bits and bobs that include mistakes. It is sometimes just very difficult
to translate German phrases into English. Sorry for that - but I'm getting better!

On my page you'll find lots of information about me - and whoever doesn't know
the big news yet: I relocated myself from Germany to Scotland in August 2010.
I just made my dreams come true and moved - who knows me a bit better knows also that
there wasn't any other topic since I came back from my holidays last year. So I just did it
and now I'm here and everything - really everything - is working out just fine!

However I'm still continueing translation and updates - I hope it won't take long until I've translated the other parts too...

On the left you'll find my guestbook - so please sign in there and say Hello!

Bye then, see you soon


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Last Update: 30/04/2011

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