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Full name: Teresa-Katharina Neumann
Onlinename: Skito
Shortname: Te
June, 19th 1987 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Current location: Scotland
Body height: 1,71 m
Body weight: 75 kg

Primary school
Bodelschwinghschule, Essen
B.M.V.-Mädchengymnasium, Essen
Trainee as an office clerk
ASB RV Ruhr e.V., Essen
01/10/2006 - 31/07/2007
Sales assistant & cashier
Rewe Stilleke supermarket, Essen-Burgaltendorf
01/08/2007 - 25/06/2009
Trainee (retail sales)
Rewe Stilleke supermarket, Essen-Burgaltendorf, Germany
27/06/2009 - 12/08/2009
Journey through Scotland, England,
Wales and Ireland
15/08/2009 - 15/08/2010
Customer assistant
Rewe Stilleke supermarket, Essen-Burgaltendorf, Germany


Relocation to Scotland
05/09/2010 - present
Customer assistant
Marks & Spencer, Perth, Scotland


• Cats
  My lady Pauline and two Maine Coon
  DoryAnn and Kingsley
• Parties - friends - board games!
  I like meeting my friends, playing parlour
  games and going to parties
• Pubs - Bars
• Concerts - Live acts - Open Air
  I love going to concerts and live acts -
  Is there anything better than the act of
  a live band?
• Travelling - discovering the world
  In 2009 I made a six weeks journey through Scotland, Wales,
  Ireland and England on my own in my little Hyundai car.
  Unfortunately that hobby's very expensive though I'd love to
  repeat it...to discover more places - there are so many
  places to see!! Guess I'll have to save money for the next trip
• Icehockey
  A few years ago I used to go to icehockey games at the
  weekends - to the club "Iserlohn Roosters".
  I'm still in contact with most friends of this time.
• Internet
  At home I spend some time online in different community
  forums and networks, like Forumhasen
  or facebook.
• My website
  Yeah, I've got my own homepage, you know, and I like to create
  this page even if it costs a lot of time to update the page,
  to post new photos on the net and anything else you've to do.
  That's fun!
• Cooking
  I love cooking - and you can see some menues I've created
  on my own here
  I'm really good, you know!
• Books
  There are thousands of books I'd like to read!
  My own collection of books is huge too - but the list of
  new books is still growing.
  I'm reading several genres of books - fiction, crime, historical
  books and of course books from the disc world too.
  You can find a list of my favourite books here.
• Scuba diving
  A very exciting and amazing hobby - and very expensive too.
  In the summer of 2005 I've got my Scuba diver's licence -
  and I'd really like to go diving again...
My hockey-jerseys:

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